Please read the following agreement . If you have any questions please ask for clarifications. When getting one of our puppies , you are accepting this agreement and your signature is not required.
To the best of my knowledge the puppy is in good health at the time of pick up. My puppies are sold as pets only.  As pets they will not have papers. All parents are AKC or MSCA Reg. We want our puppies to go to pet homes where they are spoiled and loved as part of the family.
Breeder will not be liable for any expenses of any kind
EXAMINATION!!!! IS ESSENTIAL at the earliest possible time to have your puppy checked by your veterinarian. (NOT AN ASSISTANT )WE are not responsible for Veterinarian bills or expenses of any kind , if your Veterinarian finds a life threating health problem, please have him contact me , and send a written statement stating what’s wrong with the puppy within the 7 Business days . If the puppy should die while in your care it must be examined by a (Licensed State Lab) and have a AUTOPSY to determine the cause of death. Not your Veterinarian. Within the 7 day period or one year on life threating genetics guarantee.. And be exchanged ,  for another puppy of equal value, provided the puppy is returned in the said period of time. No replacement puppy will be given until  documentation  has been sent and proof of cause of  death ( if another puppy is not available at that time you will be reimbursed when one comes available.
There will not be no refunds of money only exchanges. Deposits are non refundable!
Responsibility for the Health of the puppy will be yours, as the buyer you will have seven days after purchase to have your puppy Vet checked and a one year life threating genetic health guarantee from date of birth. Ear cropping is not part of this GUARANTEE, and will not be refunded.
This guarantee if void should the buyer fails to have the puppy examined within the 7 day period…..
Breeder will not replace the puppy for these reasons but not  limited to allergy, mortality land lord disapproval, disagreements of family or any other problems not related to health, especially ear cropping. This is an elective cosmetic surgery and doesn’t have to be done. That procedure is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Nor for any puppy illness caused by neglect ,weather evidence of abuse , injury, chocking, poisoning and any puppy illnesses that are easily prevented by vaccines.
No warranty or guarantee are made for retained testicles, hernia’s, color, size, disposition, life span, show quality , but they are a good representative of the breed are excluded from this guarantee. Kennel cough, worms, mites, cocci, Guardia , or any parasites , as they are common in puppies and are easily treated so they are excluded from this warranty and guarantee. They can contract these from your water, soil or boarding facility and are easily treated.
This Guarantee is Void if buyer fails to maintain annual check ups with a qualified Veterinarian . The proof of said maintenance must be furnished upon request. This guarantee is non transferable. You will need to keep your shots up to date.
This agreement is fully integrated and represents the entire agreement of the parties, any representation not express herein are of no effect. Your puppy will have it’s first set of shots and been wormed from two weeks until picked up . You must keep your shots up to date every 3 week or 4 until finished and then a rabies at 4 months of age. Be careful where you take your new puppy as  it has not been fully protected from puppy disease’s until it has had all it’s shots.
You as the buyer of the puppy have read, understands and agrees to the above. Acceptance of the puppy is the same as agreeing to this contract .